We are LIVE with Expanse


We have officially ‘flipped the switch’ to GO LIVE with MEDITECH Expanse.  You can start using the new system by clicking the green ‘E’ on your desktop – MEDITECH Expanse Live WebThe anticipated moment can be seen here!

This is a new system and, initially, it may take longer than usual to navigate through Expanse and the changes in workflows. Review the provider and staff Day-in-the-Life tip sheets for quick reminders of what to do. 

We have 24/7 support across our four organizations for the next two weeks.

Superusers, CAREbots, leaders and support team members are easily identifiable by their blue vests or scrub caps.


This is one of the largest projects in our collective history and will impact virtually all our staff, providers and departments. It is also a significant win for safety and the patient and provider experience. Congratulations to everyone involved in this significant milestone. Our heartfelt thanks for your commitment and dedication – every day!

If you cannot find a support person, dial ext. 5700 (HHCC and GBGH); 57000 (RVH only); 5800 (CGMH) or call (705) 797-2953 and you will be connected to the support team 24/7.

Tip sheets can be found on the CARE4 website as well as the CARE4 app.

As you get used to the new system, slowdowns may impact wait-times. Please ensure you communicate positively to your patients and assure them that high-quality, safe care remains a priority. Please also be aware of the conversations you have with each other, in earshot of our patients and families.

Patient speaking points are in the Guide to GO LIVE and also available at the staff entrance and on units. Please review them.


Roadmap to Success

It’s the million dollar question – are you ready for our September 18 GO LIVE? Supporting you to be confident

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