Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CARE4 initiative?

Four partner hospitals – Collingwood General and Marine Hospital, Georgian Bay General Hospital (Midland),  Headwaters Health Care Centre (Orangeville) and Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre (Barrie) – are working together on a transformation of our shared Health Information System (HIS). Together, we will introduce the newest version of MEDITECH, called “Expanse”, expanding the patient record across all four organizations and enabling a more seamless flow of information between the hospital and their departments. This is not just a simple upgrade. This is a significant transformation of our collective clinical and administrative processes.  
Our four hospitals have a strong track record of working together to improve patient care and have shared the MEDITECH health information system for over twenty years. Implementation of the new system will take the partnership to the next level, ensuring continuity of care between hospitals and caregivers through a fully-integrated patient record. The web-based tool brings all of a patient’s medical information into one unified health record, giving clinicians the full picture about a patient’s health and medical history anywhere at any time.

It’s important to note: This is not simply an upgrade or just a new version with a different look like we have seen in the past. This is an entirely new system with new processes and a completely new way of working.  It will require significant input from staff and physicians, along with a robust education and training program.

Why are we doing this?

All four hospitals are committed to improving the safety and quality of patient care as well as your work experience and the new system will help us achieve those goals. Additionally, as the provincial government continues to transform the healthcare system and introduce Ontario Health Teams, connectivity among partners will be a key element of the strategy to create an integrated, seamless system of care, supporting our ‘one patient; one record’ approach.

What are some of the new functions of the system upgrade?

The new system provides many time-saving features. Care can be tracked at the bedside and the information automatically transfers to the patient medical record ensuring data timeliness and accuracy.
The new system will positively impact the day-to-day work of all staff and professional staff at each organization and reduce ineffective processes and duplication. By providing patient information to caregivers where and when they need it, you will have more time to deliver direct, quality care.

There is a very long list of enhanced, and new, features and benefits including:
• Computerized order entry
• Computerized order sets
• Intuitive and customizable user interface
• Auto-documentation
• Medication management
• Improved analytics
• Ambulatory clinic inclusion
• Automated patient surveillance
• Inventory management
• Beside barcode scanners
• Increased efficiency
• Reduced paper
• Enhanced quality and safety surveillance

What are the benefits to patients?

The advanced technology will improve the quality, safety and timeliness of care, reducing errors and duplication. By providing real-time access to vital patient information, we can reduce the duplication of tests and patients won’t have to keep repeating their medical history with every new clinical interaction as they navigate through our complex healthcare system. There are many patients who move between our four hospitals for specialized services and emergency care. If a patient receives specialized care at one hospital, physicians at their “home” hospital will have access to accurate information about their visit. Being able to view a patient’s complete medical record at any of our hospitals, at any time, is a huge benefit to patient safety.

When will this new system by implemented?

This system is scheduled to GO LIVE on September 18 2021 with a “Big Bang” approach – meaning all modules will go live simultaneously. The project is extremely complex. Given its impact on quality of care and patient safety and to ensure a smooth implementation, it’s critically important that we get it right. 

How will I be trained?

The project is extremely complex. Given its impact on quality of care and patient safety and to ensure a smooth implementation, it’s critically important that we get it right.
There is a significant focus on education and training to ensure you are well-prepared for GO LIVE in September 2021.  Our biggest priority is to make sure that you are confident, comfortable and well-supported. Training for most staff and physicians will occur two months prior to Go Live.  A Human Resources (HR) and Change Management and Education strategy has been developed to add training support and floor coverage to ensure that all staff have the time to receive the training they need.  Tip sheets, training videos, Superusers and additional IT resources will also be available to support you. 

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