eLearning Deadline Extension

We’re pleased to report that many of you have completed your CARE4 eLearning. Congratulations to the over 70 per cent of staff and credentialed staff who have already started or completed their online learning.  

After working with our vendor earlier this year to stabilize and improve the eLearning platform, we understand that some of the initial time assigned for eLearning may have been impacted. Recognizing how essential your eLearning is, we have chosen to extend the deadline for you.  

All staff are now required to complete their eLearning by September 1, 2021 or prior to your in-person training.   

Once you have completed your eLearning, you will be entered into a draw. Congratulations to our recent winners:






Natalie Kirby

Meaghan Fitzgerald

Sylvia Rittaler

Taylor Stanojev

Ryan Baker

Brenda Dorion-Duquette

Terri-lynn Ogilvie

Jennifer Dalton

Dr. Emma Coburn

Dr. Danielle Davenport

Dr. Sarah Faria

Dr. Kelly Emerson

Please contact Jessica Dolan at [email protected]  if you have not yet received your prize. The next draw takes places on September 10, 2021.

CARE4 eLearning is critical for our success and it will ensure everyone has the same basic understanding of Expanse before attending instructor-led training.

There are only 25 days left until we GO LIVE with this transformational care initiative.  If you have completed your eLearning and in-person training please consult the training page to continue building your Expanse competency. Ensuring you are comfortable and confident with the new system when we GO LIVE on September 18, 2021 is our top priority!


Roadmap to Success

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