Provider Tip Sheets

Below you will find PDF links to Provider Tip Sheets.  Please click on the appropriate module title you wish to access.  Once you click on the title, this will launch a new page where you will find the appropriate tip sheets for this module. 

Please note: Both Provider and Non-Provider tip sheets are living documents and will be updated as needed. To make sure you access the most current version, please reference the tip sheets directly from the website as you need them.

Personalizing Order Sets

This two minute demo video will take you step by step through the basic process of personalizing your orders sets.  Please click on the button below to watch the video.

Please note that the video will open in a new window displaying on YouTube.


Have a question?

If you need more information, contact your Training Team at the following emails below. 

Each of these email accounts will be monitored by the Site Training Leads and Trainers from the respective hospitals.

If there are any regional related inquiries, please contact us at [email protected]