Practice Environment

The best way to become comfortable within the MEDITECH Expanse system is to practice in it!  This entire page is dedicated to helping  you adopt the skills and tools you need to successfully navigate through Expanse and become confident with its functionalities.  Below you will find links to practice patient scenarios, along with the activity guides you used during instructor-led training.  There are also FAQs to help answer any questions you may have.

Signing on to MEDITECH Expanse Test

Click on the button below to download a PDF document that will walk you through the process of signing on to the MEDITECH Expanse Practice Environment.

Practice Patients

Meet the CARE4 'M' Family

The best way to learn and become comfortable with MEDITECH Expanse is to practice, practice, practice!

Below you will find links to the CARE4 practice patient scenarios. Please click on the appropriate module title you wish to access.  This will open the drop down menu and reveal the PDF links to the accompanying patient scenarios.

Although the patient scenarios have been designed with provider and nursing roles in mind, everyone can use them to practice within their role.  Please use your own MEDITECH Expanse access to navigate these scenarios and look for information typical to your role and workflow.

Please note:  Once you click the link, the PDF will either open a new viewing tab or start to download. Please check your downloaded files for the PDF, or status bar.

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Activity Guides

In-class activities and exercises are a great addition to the tools you can use to practice within MEDITECH Expanse.  Please click on the buttons below to access Provider, Non-Provider activity guides and Administrative training guides. These are identical to the guides that you used during your in-class training.

Please note: All activity guides are living documents and will be updated as needed. To make sure you access the most current version, please reference the guides directly from the website as you need them.

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