GO LIVE Resources at your fingertips!

The CARE4 app can be downloaded for free on the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (android), the same way you would download any other app.

Search CARE4 Project to download app.

Detailed instructions are available by clicking on the button below.  Please note:  Once you click on the button, the PDF will either open a new viewing tab or start to download. Please check your downloaded files for the PDF, or status bar if the document doesn’t open automatically.

What you'll find on the app

To ensure you have the support you need  right at your fingertips, we have included many features and links on the CARE4 app.

Daily Bulletins

You can access the most recent edition of the Daily Bulletin here.

Need Help?

This is the command centre of CARE4.  Clicking on this icon will get you the help you’re looking for during GO LIVE.

Tip Sheets

Get instant access to Provider and Non-Provider tip sheets.

Speaking Points

You have one-click access to patient speaking notes and a downloadable conversation card.

Event Feed

You can share photos and comments about CARE4 GO LIVE on this social feed. 

*It is important to use responsible judgment when posting in the app.  Do not post patient information including photos & health records. If you are posting photos of colleagues, please ensure you have their permission before posting.

CARE4 Playlist

We’ve curated a list of fun and uplifting songs to listen to.


A quick link to CARE4 demo and training videos is always right at your fingertips!

Click Game

It’s like playing I Spy with your camera!  Taking photos in this CARE4 scavenger hunt will earn you points!  The more points your earn, the more chances you will have to win great CARE4 prizes!

Points Game

You can win some awesome prizes just for using the app!  The more you use it, the more points you gain!

Quick Poll

Taking part in short surveys will help us understand how everyone is doing during GO LIVE.  Taking part in these surveys will also get you points in the game!


Get instant access to the CARE4 Superusers web page.

The CARE4 app is also available on a desktop version


Want a printable version of Dot the CARE4 robot?  Click here!