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To ensure you have the support & training you need to be successful with the implementation of MEDITECH Expanse and using Dragon Microphone dictation, our vendor, Nuance, is providing additional eLearning for credentialed staff. This is an introductory course that enables you to learn the basics to get started using Dragon Medical One (DMO). The course contains specifics on dictating, maximizing your DMO workflow (commands and vocabulary), auto-texts, step-by-step commands, using PowerMic Mobile, options, settings, and more. These fundamentals will help you better prepare for and maximize your learning time during the required MEDITECH Expanse training.

All credentialed staff should have received an initial email from Nuance advising that you have been enrolled for two sessions:

  • Product Knowledge – Dragon Medical One (DMO)
  • Getting Started with PowerMic Mobile

You will receive additional emails with your password and login instructions. If you have not received a registration email, please contact your CMIO and we will ensure you are registered.

While this portion of training is not mandatory, you are highly encouraged to participate in Nuance University. Completion of Nuance eLearning is expected to take approximately 40 minutes to one hour. Learning how to use Dragon Microphone dictation will help save time and increase accuracy when entering your notes.


PLEASE NOTE: Within the Nuance University course, there are instructions to install the mobile app. Please download the app ahead of attending instructor-led training if you plan to use your mobile device for dictation.  You will receive your site specific token that will allow you to connect to your local domain during instructor-led training. 

Dragon Microphone Resources

To ensure you have CARE4 project resources readily available to you, please find PDF  links to Dragon microphone resources below.  Please note that once you click the link, the PDF will either open a new viewing tab or start to download. Please check your downloaded files for the PDF, or status bar.


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If there are any regional related inquiries, please contact us at [email protected]